Hey, I'm Ricardo 👋

Nice meeting you. Currently building something new, while operating ColorElephant and dabbling with a few smaller projects.


As long as I can recall I've always enjoyed building stuff. As a result, I created one of Europe's Top Tech Conferences at 19 and co-founded ColorElephant, a bootstrapped remote digital studio soon after. ColorElephant is now a profitable, 30+ team strong business.
Starting something new and exciting in the analytics and e-commerce space that I can't wait to share.
I do some training and consulting to help others build great (remote) teams or build stellar digital products and sometimes act as some sort of fractional head of product. Also a bit of an aviation geek so started documenting some of my most memorable trips and sharing it with others...
... but mostly I try my best to do stuff I enjoy doing. This is where the magic happens ✨

Job Titles

  • Founder/CEO ColorElephant

  • Founder/CEO @ New Thing 🤫

  • Founder @ Ventureship.io